Insect Repellent Are You Out Of Repellent An Open Vicks Jar Helps Prevent Mosquitoes And Other Insects

Insect Repellent Are You Out Of Repellent An Open Vicks Jar Helps Prevent Mosquitoes And Other Insects

Regarding Headache’s

Do you have a bothersome headache? The menthol looking for Vicks can help you feel better. Just give your temples a little massage.

Treat Your Feet:

Desire silky toes? Before going to bed, apply some Search Vicks, put on some old socks, and wash it off the next morning. Use a pumice stone to exfoliate and apply moisturizer for incredibly silky heels.

Teach Your Animals:

Apply Vicks to your pets’ regular locations to prevent them from marking inside. Dogs and cats are put off by its pungent aroma.

Safeguard Your Furnishings:

Keep your cat’s claws off of your furniture! Apply a few Vicks to their preferred scratching posts.

Stretch marks that fade:

Over time, regular use of Vicks can help lessen the visibility of stretch marks.

Combat Fungus in Toenails:

Every night, put on search Vicks, put on socks, and cut the nail that is impacted in the morning. Continue till it disappears.

Quickly Heal Bruises:

Use a little search Vicks to minimize swelling and hasten the healing of your bruises.

No More Earaches:

An occasional earache? For a few hours, try inserting a cotton ball coated with Vicks into your ear. But consult a physician if it persists.

Greater Skin Clarity:

Use a thin application of Vicks to fight acne and leave it on overnight. For consistently cleaner skin, wash it off in the morning.

Relieving Back and Muscle Pain:

The all-natural chemicals in Vicks help relieve back and muscular discomfort. For relief, rub it into aching spots like elbows.Combine one tablespoon each of baking soda, alcohol, and crushed camphor.

Reduce That Belly:

Combine half a jar of search Vicks with one tablespoon of alcohol, baking soda, and crushed camphor. Put it on your stomach, cover it with plastic wrap before working out, and then rinse it off. Similar to certain commercial creams, this can be done two to three times a week to aid in toning.

Do a patch test first before attempting a new search query. To make sure your skin adores it as much as you do, apply Vicks!

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